29 April 2012

Bib for your baby

Looking for bib tutorial for your baby? Then you came to the right place. There are a lot of DIY bibs projects these days on the web. I’ve gathered for you the cutest and the most colourful that I could find. Well, at least some of them, I'm pretty sure I’ve missed a lot of great projects on the way. I hope you find here what you are looking for.

If you really want to impress with your sewing skills then you have to make this quilted bib from SewShe Sews blog.  Jaime has a flickr group and she would love to see your creation.

You can find another patterned bib tutorial at Lots of Pink Here. The fabrics are to die for!

Looking for the perfect present for a new baby girl? You’ve just found it! Make this gorgeous bib as a gift for a new born or for a baby shower. The full tutorial at Creation by Kara blog.

I just fell in love with these refashion bibs. Such a clever idea! Rebecca from Better Life Bags... the blog gave a tutorial on A little Tipsy Blog

Super cute bibs, right?

27 April 2012

Maternity pants

Maternity clothes can be very expensive. But there is no need to spend a lot of money on your growing belly. If you have some sewing skills you can visit your favourite discount store and buy regular cheap but great looking clothes and refashion them to maternity clothes. So, let’s see how to refashion a pair of regular pants.

Working women need at least one dressy trouser in her closet. Ann from sew paradise contributed maternity dress trouser tutorial, at DIY maternity blog.

This tutorial will be perfect for your comfy everyday pants, see all the details on megan nielsen design diary blog.


Every woman needs a good pair of jeans, you can wear them with almost everything, and it’s a big plus during the pregnancy. So, how to refashion regular jeans to maternity one? Natty from Natty by Design has all the answers at her blog.

Last but not least is a capris refashion project. Go to SewLike My Mom blog and you’ll find there the perfect tutorial for this project.
Now you have plenty of room to grow...

25 April 2012

Stylish Homemaker

It’s your turn to do the dishes? What a bummer! Maybe I have something that will make you feel just a little bit better, a fun apron that was made by you! Why don’t you make one that will make you smile every time you’ll put it on

Do it in style. Who said that you can’t look stylish in the kitchen? Kristen from The Dating Divas made one very stylish and flirty apron. Love it!

It’s time to get practical. Want to make your cleaning chores easier? Heather from The Creative Homemaker has a solution for you. Cleaning apron with pockets for all your cleaning “accessorises”. So check out the tutorial at her blog.

If you have a garden then you need a gardening apron. Jane, from Flaming Petal, made very pretty reversible garden apron. Visit her blog to download the PDF instruction.
diy apron

Now I have an apron for doing the dishes, an apron for cleaning, and one for gardening. Is something missing? Yep! I most definitely need an apron for crafting. Found one! You can see it too on cuteable.

You have a pair of old jeans that you’ll never wear again but you love them too much to throw them away. Guess what you can make out of them? Yeah, you’ve guessed it, you can make an apron! Kim, from A girl and a glue gun will show you how it can be done.

So, put your cute apron on and let the work begin.

23 April 2012

Peasant blouse

Peasant blouse is a must in every closet. You can wear it with so many options. You can go for an elegant look wearing it under a jacket or just with trousers. Or you can go for a casual look and wear it with jeans or shorts. So pick a fabric and choose your attire.

Leah from sew spoiled will show you how easy is it to make your own blouse.

Ruffled blouse is such a cute idea, so why don’t you try to make one for your wardrobe? Find the tutorial on He’s Got My Whole World In His Hands.
You have to see what Stefi from Just Chic used to make this blouse. It’s made from..... a pair of pillowcases!  How smart is that? Visit her blog for the tutorial.

You don’t need to buy a new fabric to sew a blouse if you already have men's button-down shirt that no one will ever wear again. Uset this shirt to make a peasant blouse for yourself. Alexis from Made by Lex will show you this refashion tutorial.

Did you know that blouses are so easy to make?

22 April 2012


Summer is just around the corner and it’s about time to rearrange the closet. The sweaters are out, the dresses are in.  And what little girl doesn’t love dresses, right? So why don’t you surprise your liottle girl and make her a new one, a shirred sundress? Just select the tutorial you like the most and go for it.

Yellow is such a great colour for a sunny day. Don’t you agree? Visit Kuki ideas to see the tutorial fot this lovely sunny dress.
Pinned Image

Use light weight fabric if you want to sew this cute little orange dress. You will find the tutorial on Prudent baby  blog.

I believe you can make a dress with the same technique used for this shirred top. Just make it a bit longer. Angel from tada! Creations will share with you her technique.

Do you have a sunny fabric for this project?

21 April 2012

Wear it on your hand

I absolutely love bracelets and wear them allot. Girl can’t have too many bracelets, especially in different colours and different textures.  And the best thing is that you can buy a very cheap bangle and transform it to a gorgeous bracelet. Or make them from scratch. There are many techniques to do so, and today I’ll focus on DIY bracelets made from fabric. So, take out your scraps of fabrics and get started.
Sachiko from Tea Rose Home decided to make a bracelet out of a necklace. The result is absolutely gorgeous. I’m in love with the fabric she chooses for this project. Check out the tutorial.  
All you need for this project is leftover fabrics, thick elastic and coordinating thread and you are good to go.  Jill from Frame worthy shot will show you how to make these pretty bracelets.
Do you want to add some colour to your wardrobe? Make few of these and wear them all at once. You can see the tutorial on MaryJanes and Galoshes blog.

These knitted bracelets look so fancy. Vanessa from V and Co. did very detailed and great tutorial.

I saw this very pretty braided bracelet tutorial on how joyful and I knew strait away that you have to see it to.  This time the bracelet made from fabric and cord.

What is your favourite technique?

19 April 2012

Capes, not only for superheroes

Capes are such an elegant solution for chilly days. And the best thing is that they are super easy to make. Why don’t you try DIY?

Check out this super cute cape tutorial on Dana’s fashionblog. Her blog is truly amazing.
DIY Cape combined with Jeans

Perhaps you would like a cape with matching belt? Got one on P.S. – I made this.

Don’t let superheros have all the fun.  It’s time you made yourself into a caped crusader.  I recently took my own advice when I spent the day with Elizabeth Holmes, who is quite the DIY queen herself, of The Wall Street Journal.  I dreamt up a must-have DIY cape which infused my favorite tartan plaid and the signature silhouette i love.  More behind the scenes snaPS with WSJ here!
To create, reach for your favorite cotton flannel or wool material.  You will need approx. 2 yards, depending on the size you desire.  First, fold material in half, horizontally.  Place a hat at the top of the fold (half way down).  This will serve as a neck-hole guide.  Continue to cut out a 4”inch panel.  Don’t throw away the scraps! Use the fabric scraps to create a strip which you can use as your belt.  P.S.- add fun brooches, and group in a  cluster, for a stunning finishing touch.  P.S.- Watch the DIY Video HERE.

And if it’s raining outside than the very stylish waterproof rain cape will keep you dry. Go to riding pretty to see the tutorial.

reversable rain cape DIY shared by RidingPretty

Have only five minutes to spare? Than visit Chic That Happened and you’ll find there very quick and easy cape tutorial.

Do you want to make something new and beautiful from something old and boring? Take two sweatshirts and make a cape out of them! Carly from Chicsreals will show you how to.
DIY: Chanel Style Black and White Cape (from Two Sweatshirts)

Is there a cape in your closet?