22 May 2012

Wearable curtain...

Did you ever thought to wear your curtains? Crazy idea, right? Well, not so much. That is if you’ll follow the next tutorials, your curtains will make you look so very stylish.

Kelly Hicks from Kelly Hicks Design gave a very detailed tutorial at Tastefully Tattered on how to transform a curtain into a skirt.

Wilma + Winston showed us how to transform a curtain into a dress. The dress turned out so feminine, I love it!
Pretty cool!

21 May 2012

Painting tip

When my cutie pie wants to paint I have the perfect place for her paints, an ice cube tray!

Everything is less massy this way.  

What do you use to hold your child paints?

20 May 2012

Birthday Shirt

My little one is about to turn 3 next month and I want to make something special for her very special day. So after browsing the internet for ideas I’ve decided that my special project will be a birthday shirt. They are very simple to make, and with toddler and 3 months old baby at home, simple it’s just what I need.  So, here are some ideas for this project:

“Sweet” birthday shirt tutorial on Adventures of aCouponista.

Layered style on The Gardner’s Dirt.
Flowery lucky number on Ducks in a Row.
Pretty fabric number on Garage Sales R Us.
Children drawings birthday shirt. Visit It’s Two AM for the tutorial. 
Everybody's Birthday Shirts
“Favourite things” birthday shirt on This Little Project.
King/Quinn for a day. Use your freezer paper to create fun print on a birthday shirt.  For all the details visit Kidoinfo.

Easiest way to create a number on a birthday shirt, just use cotton transfer paper.  See example on Grey Grey Designs.

So many options to choose from!

Rainbow Necklace

Last week I borrowed from the library this book for my toddler.
Let me tell you, this book is so cute, L wanted me to read it to her over and over again.

And when I read to her from this page an idea came to me, to make the same rainbow necklace with my daughter.
 The materials for this project were colourful drinking straws and thread.


Here is my cutie pie in action. Offcourse I did helped her allot.

The inspiration on the left, the finished product on the right. Cute!

Fall activity

Its autumn in Australia and I wanted to do some autumn activity with my almost three year old daughter. I saw on Pinterest very cute idea for this kind of project and decided to try it with my little one. 
Well, first we need all the materials for this project, right? We went outside with a little basket to pick up some fallen leaves and twigs.

 It was such a fun afternoon walk! My little girl enjoyed it so much! Also, it was a great opportunity to teach her about the autumn trees, the fallen leaves, the change in weather etc.  
Check out this gorgeous tree we saw during our walk.

When we came home with all our finds we glue them on a green paper. This is the final result.

This is the one I saw on Pinterest
Pinned Image

12 May 2012

From boring to beautiful - Cardigan refashion

Although the summer is nearly here, it can be still chilly outside. The best solution for these chilly days is wearing a cute cardigan. If your cardigan is not cute enough you can make it look cuter by following one of these great ideas I guttered for you.

Very funky cardigan, made from two plain cardigans. Very cool idea. Visit Star for Streetlights for more details.   
DIY Two-Tone Cardigan

Absolutely new look for an old cardigan.  Visit Tea Rose Home to learn how to achieve this romantic flowery transformation.    

Tie makes all the difference! Super cute transformation on Ruffles and Stuff.      

Check out this elegant ruffle front cardigan, it will be perfect for the office. The full tutorial on Cut Out + Keep.
Heidi from HeidiSchlumpf transformed her boring looking cardigan with buttons. It’s not boring anymore!
Go ahead and make your boring cardigan look great!



10 May 2012

Dazzling shoes

I have a fun idea for a themed party with my friends, glitter shoes party! All you need is a pair of plain shoes, Mod Podge, glitters, sequins and rhinestones. At the end of the party you’ll have a dazzling pair of shoes and great stories to share with your friends. Here are some excellent examples for inspiration.  

Maegan from Love Maegan was inspired by Dolce and Gabbana pamps.
Dolce & Gabbana -   Embellished shoes diy + gold sequins and gem dolce and gabbana shoes diy pumps - DIY love maegan

Leave the heel untouched, follow AnnieSpandex for instructions.
No Mess DIY Glitter Shoes

Make them sparkle just in the middle. The tutorial at Milk Teeths.

For fans of Dorothy. Check out the tutorial at Le.Fanciulle.

Very fancy sneakers! Visit Honestly... WTH to learn more.

Use glitters to add some colour to your boring black shoes. You can find the tutorial at The Dainty Squid.

The romantic touch at She Knows.  
Gorgeous wedding shoes. Visit Heather Says for the tutorial.
 In my bridal dressing room, getting ready to begin!

Lets the fun begin!

06 May 2012

Mother’s day DIY gift

Mother’s day is coming and it’s time to make your mama proud! Make her a DIY fashionable gift, she’s going to love it! Here are some great ideas.

Gorgeous felt flower brooch from Holidash.
felt dahlia brooch

Easy to make flower brooch from Craftbits.

Romantic lace and pearl necklace from Flamingo Toes.

Refashion tee necklace from Sisters 4 Say... More is More.

Very cool tote bag from Design Sponge.  

Beautiful canvas beach bag from Elle Apparel.

Cute fabric wallet from Noodlehead.

Brilliant organizer wallet from Little Big Girl Studio.

03 May 2012

DIY Greeting Card

Hi! Here is a DIY tutorial for easy to make greeting card. I made this card for my husband to give him on valentines day. But you can choose different colours and make it fit for another occasion.
I know it’s off topic, but as I was saying, once in awhile I’ll share with you my crafts and projects. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

2+3. Score and fold the sheet of red card to create the card base.
4. Cut a rectangle of white card
5.  Cut 3 long strips from three different scrapbooking papers and cut one small rectangle tag.
6. Glue the three strips one above the other on top of white rectangle.

7+8. Glue the white card and the tag to thick card (my tag and scrap paper were really thin)  

9. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the left top corner of the white card and the tag.

10+11. Thread red ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

12. Glue them centrally to the front of the red card.

13. Cut another rectangle of white card and one short strip.

14. Glue the strip to the left side of the white rectangle and then glue them centrally to the inner side of the red card.

You can download for free pattern papers and tags (and what not) from this great website:
Hope you liked it.

If you choose to use this tutorial on your site please link back to this page. Thanks!

01 May 2012

Towel bibs

When I was looking for bibs tutorial I came across some towel bibs. I thought they deserve a separate post. So, here they are.

Check out this practical towel bib with pocket. It was made by Abby from Sew Much Ado. Great idea Abby!
Reversible towel bib. One word! Gorgeous. Visit Cuckoo Kinder blog for the tutorial.

Such a cute kitchen hand towel, but it’s even cuter as a bib. You can find the detailed tutorial on A BrokenFortress blog.

 Bon App├ętit little ones!