20 May 2012

Birthday Shirt

My little one is about to turn 3 next month and I want to make something special for her very special day. So after browsing the internet for ideas I’ve decided that my special project will be a birthday shirt. They are very simple to make, and with toddler and 3 months old baby at home, simple it’s just what I need.  So, here are some ideas for this project:

“Sweet” birthday shirt tutorial on Adventures of aCouponista.

Layered style on The Gardner’s Dirt.
Flowery lucky number on Ducks in a Row.
Pretty fabric number on Garage Sales R Us.
Children drawings birthday shirt. Visit It’s Two AM for the tutorial. 
Everybody's Birthday Shirts
“Favourite things” birthday shirt on This Little Project.
King/Quinn for a day. Use your freezer paper to create fun print on a birthday shirt.  For all the details visit Kidoinfo.

Easiest way to create a number on a birthday shirt, just use cotton transfer paper.  See example on Grey Grey Designs.

So many options to choose from!

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